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Sampling, Sample Preparation, Analysis and Examination of Products

For exporting companies, importers, participants in foreign trade transactions operating in the international market, ACAST SURVEYOR LLP becomes a reliable partner, ready to take on the whole range of issues related to quality control and identification of raw materials, goods, materials, and to act as a third - uninterested – a party in the settlement of claim disputes in arbitration courts.


About the Service

ACAST SURVEYOR cooperates with International independent accredited testing laboratories that are well equipped with testing and analytical facilities and provide Clients with a full range of highly professional services for inspection, weighing, sampling and new methods of chemical analysis of metals, mineral compounds and similar substances, including:

  • Basic metal ores and concentrates

  • Secondary metallic and non-metallic substances;

  • Basic and secondary (especially composite electrical scrap) metals;

  • Iron-containing alloys, iron ores;

  • Non-metallic minerals;

  • Products of the steel industry;

When carrying out the procedures for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw materials and materials, ACAST SURVEYOR LLP is guided by the requirements of ISO standards and certified measurement methods approved by the world practice of international organizations and institutions.

The most important factor in the selection and preparation of samples for technical analysis of raw materials and products (chemical, physico-chemical and physical tests), which affects the reliability of the results, is the high qualification of the ACAST SURVEYOR inspector, which meets all international standards. For commercial deliveries of raw materials, materials and products, laboratory samples selected by an ACAST SURVEYOR inspector and prepared for analysis are divided into eight equal sets (parts), which, in order to prevent substitution, are sealed with ACAST SURVEYOR seals and distributed as follows:

  • 2 sets - remain in storage with the manufacturer;

  • 2 sets - transferred to the consumer of products (raw materials, materials);

  • 2 sets - transferred to the Client as backup samples.

To confirm the quality, an Independent Arbitration International Laboratory accredited according to international standards can be involved. The results of tests carried out by the laboratory are confirmed by the issuance of a Quality Certificate of international standard.