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Inspection Services

We provide independent inspection services for analytical and expert assessments of production, control over the quantity and quality of raw materials, products and goods during import, export and transit through the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducts inspection control of substances and materials of the metallurgical and chemical industries (metals and alloys, oil and petroleum products, minerals).


Inspection services include:

  • Control of the quantity and quality of products - full control of an extensive range of any types of materials, raw materials, products and goods at all stages of their technological production, transportation and storage:

  • Inspection of the quantity of shipped and received products

  • Inspection of the quality of shipped and received products

  • Inspection of the quantity and quality of products in production and in stock

  • Conducting an inventory (full, partial and selective)

  • Inspection of the condition of vehicles and containers - full control of all vehicles and containers, their sealing with seals of the ACAST SURVEYOR Company;

  • Photo inspection - documentary confirmation of the results of the inspection of the facility;

  • General analysis of the enterprise (production) - analysis of the performance indicators of the enterprise, which allows to characterize the problems of the enterprise;

  • Port and survey services - services that include a full range of control related to the transportation of cargo by water transport.

Inspection of the quantity of shipment and received products

The acceptance and shipment of all types of products by quantity and quality carried out by ACAST SURVEYOR LLP is carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documentation, GOSTs, terms of delivery and contracts:

  • Round-the-clock control of loading and unloading operations and procedures for weighing shipped and received products, raw materials and supplies;

  • Accurate determination of the quantity of shipped and received products - determination of the quantity or volume of delivery by counting, weighing, measuring, or any other generally accepted method of estimating quantity;

  • Inspection of the conformity of the quantity of actually received products with the shipping documents and the terms of the contract for the supply of products;Inspection of the conformity of the quantity of actually received products with the shipping documents and the terms of the contract for the supply of products;

  • Inspection of the state of containers, packaging and labeling to the requirements of standards, specifications and other rules and conditions of the contract binding on the parties;

  • Inspection of compliance of product labeling with the requirements of standards;

  • Carrying out procedures for ensuring the safety of products during their transportation, sealing vehicles with seals of ACAST SURVEYOR LLP;

  • Control of the completeness of the filling of transport containers, technical standards for loading products into vehicles, conditions for placing cargo and securing it to ensure optimal conditions for loading and transportation.

We provide inspection during loading and unloading of bulk materials both in bulk and in any type of packaging. Reporting documents on the results of the inspection contain complete data on the quantity of shipped or accepted products and other information required by the Client.

Inspection of the quantity of shipment to PRC

  • Independent control over the amount of incoming Material and its comparison with the amount indicated in the accompanying documents;

  • The presence of an independent surveyor during the inspection of the Material by the border or railway service;

  • Independent examination of damages and loss of the Material;

  • Independent control over compliance with the packaged Material reloading technology at station Alashankou;

  • Registration of acts of surveyor inspections and checks in accordance with international practice, the requirements of regulations;

  • Independent advice and expertise in case of disputes and claims.

Quality inspection of the shipment and accepted products

Quality inspection conducted by ACAST SURVEYOR Company employees can be carried out at any loading and unloading stage, from the acceptance of raw materials at the recipient's warehouse to the loading of finished products at the supplier's warehouse. The quality of products is determined by the inspector of ACAST SURVEYOR Company by organoleptic, measuring and, if necessary, laboratory method:

  • Organoleptic and measuring quality control of products accepted for transportation, with the rejection of products that do not meet the requirements of standards, specifications and other rules and conditions of the contract binding on the parties;

  • Organoleptic and measuring quality control of products received after transportation, with the determination of the nature, causes and degree of damage to products (quality discrepancy, substandard, defective, shortage, etc.);

  • Inspection of compliance of actual data with manufacturer's certificates using appropriate quality assessment tools;

  • Taking samples and preparing samples for quality analysis to obtain correct analytical results;

  • Conducting sampling for arbitration and representative samples.

At the request of the Client, samples selected for analysis can be sent for laboratory studies of physicochemical, microbiological and other parameters of substances and materials to one of the Company's laboratories located in Europe.

The results of the laboratory tests carried out are formalized by the Expertise Acts, Certificates, which are used in the settlement of relations between participants in foreign trade transactions and economic disputes in the Arbitration Court.

Inspection of the quantity and quality of finished products that are in production and in stock register

To assess the analysis of the efficiency of the enterprise and take into account the volume of output of finished products, ACAST SURVEYOR inspects the quantity and quality of finished products both in terms of the entire enterprise (as a whole) and for individual production units or storage locations.

Any types of finished products can be subjected to inspections by their groups and stock numbers:

  • Control of metrological indicators of products - accepted, stored in a warehouse, released into production and sold (both piece and bulk), by measuring and calculating according to methods adopted in international practice.

  • Supervision of any stage of production in order to determine the compliance of the performance of the products with the established standards and requirements.

  • Monitoring compliance of product packaging and labeling data on the product and packaging with the established requirements.

  • Control of loading and unloading procedures, rules for stowage for storage and stacking of raw materials and products in storage areas.

  • Checking storage conditions, condition and quality of stored products.

  • Sealing of warehouses that have passed inspection with Company seals.

Port and survey services

We provide survey services of any complexity in terms of technical supervision of transport cargo ships (dry cargo ships and tankers), port operations procedures (taking into account narrow specialization in the type of cargo carried and its handling) and compliance with the norms of cargo transport characteristics.

ACAST SURVEYOR Company port and survey services include:

  • Precise determination of the quantity, weight or volume of the loaded cargo in any individual container unit (bale, bundle, barrel, box), in large-sized transport containers (container, wagon, tank, etc.); cargo of tramp shipping (mass bulk and bulk cargo).

  • Inspection of the physical and chemical properties of the cargo, including control of the compliance of the conditional state of the cargo with the conditions of delivery and the absence of signs indicating damage to the cargo. This inspection is carried out both when cargo is loaded onto the vessel and when it is unloaded at the port of destination. In the port of destination, an additional inspection of the cargo is carried out in order to identify changes in the quality of the cargo, identify shortages and damage to the cargo, indicating in the reporting documents the nature, causes and extent of the identified changes and damage.

  • Inspection of cargo indicators that ensure its safety and security during transportation, including monitoring compliance with standards, conditions and modes of storage of cargo during its transportation, serviceability of tare and packaging, locking and sealing devices, presence of markings and control tapes, protection of cargo from environmental influences.

  • Supervision of port operations carried out at all technological stages at the time of cargo loading onto the ship, from cargo transportation from warehouses by any type of loaders (auto-, electric, manual loading) and acceptance of bulk cargo through closed pipelines to placement of cargo on the ship . Similar supervision over the course of port operations is carried out at the port of destination.

  • Draft-surveyor – determination of the ship's load along the line of its draft.