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Certification Services

The procedure for confirming the compliance of the quantity and quality of products with the established requirements with the issuance of a National or International Certificate.


About the Service

Certification is evidence of your credibility in the market. To establish this credibility, we have obtained extensive global accreditations and recognitions for our testing and certification services.

As the global markets continue to expand, more consumers are searching for products that are safe, reliable, and increasingly environmentally conscious. ACAST SURVEYOR has both international and local expertise, and can provide you with the necessary qualifications to showcase your products to the right audience. We offer certification programs that enable entry into various global destinations, as well as programs to promote a more eco-friendly environment and ensure social accountability compliance for you and your suppliers.

Partnering with us allows you to highlight and maintain the safety and performance attributes of your products. Our leadership and expertise in regulatory standards and certifications ensures that you stay ahead of changes and challenges, while our capabilities and knowledge of the process from sourcing to market positioning provide solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and comply with the best industry practices.